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@cityonair won student media of year award. Again! For the third time. So yeah. No big deal or anything. So so proud of the team! I’m so glad to have been a part of this through this fantastic year.


The Art Assignment #4: Never Seen, Never Will

A paper town.

I know they “exist”. But I’ve never seen one. And I wouldn’t know one even if I did see it. Paper towns are fake locations placed on maps by cartographers as a form of copyright protection. If the fake town appears on any other maps, the original map maker will know their work was copied.

Of course most of us know this because of John Green’s book Paper Towns, which was just optioned by Fox last week to be made into a film starring Nat Wolff. But I still think it’s a really cool concept and wanted to spend some time with it in this week’s Art Assignment.

Click here to see an early Paper Towns book cover I designed back in 2007, and to read about the various elements used to create the above image.

Or click here to see all of my completed Art Assignments.


The Art Assignment 4: Never seen, never will.


I’ve been thinking about this assignment for days now and this morning I was putting on mascara so I was looking at myself in the mirror.  I thought about how this is what I’m seeing right now, my face, but if I take a picture it will look different. And if someone else looks at me, they will see something different as well. I have no idea what I look like to someone else. I can imagine. I can assume. But I cannot see what you see.

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